1 row corn harvester machine

1 row corn harvester machine is the smallest model of our harvesting machines. It cuts and collect corn into collecting box and crushes the straw then leaves it into filed directly. It has advantages of light weight, easy-operating design, reasonable price, and ideal regional adaptability. In addition to these advantages, it can also achieve corn harvesting and straw crushing return to the field at the same time. What’s more, corn harvesting machine can also be used separately as an independent micro-tiller to finish rotary tillage, deep tillage, ridging and other functions. According to statistics, we have exported thousands of this machines in the past eight years. It’s welcomed a lot by Africa, Russia, and Southeast Asia.

Corn Cutter Working Principle and Usage

Corn cutter machine is equipped with an engine of 5kw or more. The power drives the walking tires move forward by gearbox, and at the same time, it also drives through another gearbox, which drives two harvester wheels and the crushing knife set below. When the machine is moving forward, the corn plant is pulled into the harvest mouth, and the harvest wheel drives the plant down. The corn cob is too big to be dragged down into the recycling box, and the plant is crushed by the crushing knife set in the process of descending. 

This type of harvesting machine is suitable for harvesting small corn fields in hilly areas. Harvesting and cutting part of the machine is independently designed and can be removed by simple operation, rest parts can be used as tiller or mini cultivator.

corn cutter machine
corn cutter

Specification of this machine

Dimension (L*W*H)(mm)1820*800*1190
Packing Size (L*W*H)(mm)1570*660*1000
Power Transmission WayTriangle Belt
 Power188F gasoline engine188 wind-cooling diesel engine
 The range of the adjustable handlebarsvertical direction:45°horizontal direction: 360°
Working speed0.72-1.44km/h
Fuel consumption≤10kg/h㎡
Blades10 pcs
Rotate Speed320-500r/m
Maximum radius of gyration200mm
20GP26 pcs
40GP63 pcs

Features and Advantages

  1. Functional diversity, corn cob picking and straw crushing can be finished at the same time.
  2. Corn harvesting machine has small size, light weight and flexible do not need too much professional knowledge and too much training to operate easily.
  3. High efficiency, skilled operators can reach 6700 square meters per day.
  4. Strong adaptability, can be used in mountainous areas, hills and other poor road conditions, small areas and other adverse use for mechanized operations.
  5. It can be used as a separate micro-tiller to realize rotary tillage, deep tillage, ridging and other functions.
  6. Cheap price, low fuel consumption, low use cost.

Successful Case of the corn cutter machine

In December 2018, a customer from British sent inquiry to us about corn harvester machine. He purchased the machines for his clients in Africa. After comparing our machine with other suppliers’ in China, he preferred our machines, which could be converted into mini-tiller. So He placed order of a full 20GP container for the first time. In August of this year, this customer came back to us and ordered some corn sheller machines for his client in Ghana.


1. Where would the corn stalk go after processing?

The straw will be cut and crushed by 10 blades in the bottom of the machine.

2.What’s the stubble height?

It’s adjustable, but minimum height is 10cm.

3.Can this machine peel the skin husk of the corn?

No, it cannot.

4.What engine power does the machine use?

188F air cooling diesel engine or 188F gasoline engine.

5.How many corns could the recycling box collect?

Usually it can collect 30-50pcs, also depend on the size of the corn.

6.What spare parts do you provide?

We will send you extra 10 blades of the cutting part for free, and deliver it with the corn harvester.

7.How long will you deliver if I purchase 100pcs of this machine?

Usually for 100 pcs, one week is enough. The delivery time by sea will depend on the shipping port of you.

corn harvester
corn harvester
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