Why is called the multifunctional threshing machine?

Taizy’s multifunctional threshing machine is specially produced according to the market demand, which is more in line with the needs of customers. It is widely loved by customers because of its high cost performance. This thresher machine is perfect for It saves time and effort for home/ small and medium-sized farms.

Applicable range of Taizy multifunctional threshing machine

This multifunctional thresher is suitable for threshing corn, soybeans, sorghum, wheat, rice, and other crops, and can complete threshing, separating, and cleaning input industry at one time, with a 90% decontamination rate. For investors, this machine is very cost-effective, and is the first choice for threshing machine purchase.

Multifunctional thresher machine for sorghum, benas, millet, corns
multifunctional thresher machine

Types of the multifunctional thresher machine

As a professional manufacturer and producer of corn machines, our multifunctional threshing machines are constantly changing with the market and customers’ needs. After a survey, our existing multifunctional threshing machines are available according to customer’s favorite.

In terms of models, they are divided into MT-860 and MT-1200.

In terms of power configuration, our multifunctional threshers can be equipped with electric motor, gasoline engine and diesel engine.

In terms of machine appearance, our machines can be equipped with brackets, and large wheels, this is mainly in accordance with the habits of customers.

Video of the multifunctional threshing machine

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