Why do they burn field? –Burning field VS Baling stalk

Burning field

Every summer, autumn and winter, a large amount of wheat, corn and other stalks are burned in the field, generating a lot of heavy smoke. Due to improper treatment methods, the burning of crop straws has caused harm to many aspects of social life and production. Burning field refers to the act of burning crop straws with fire to destroy them. Straw burning causes haze and generates a large amount of toxic and harmful substances, which threatens the health of people and other living things.

Why do farmers burn their field? Let’s check some reasons.

Reasons for burning field

Field burn
  1. With the improvement of living standards, the use of household appliances and gas has become more and more widespread. So farmers’ needs for firewood have declined. 
  2. Plant ash from burning stalk is a fertilizer.
  3. The cost of stalk treatment is too high, the stubble after machine processing is still high, which affects the sowing of the next crop.
  4. Development of urban modernization leads to insufficient rural labor. There’s no enough labor to deliver and process the stalk.
  5. The transformation of science and technology is not enough, and the economic value of straw is difficult to exert. 
  6. Lack of proper guidance. At present, most of the treatment of straw recycling is mainly based on administrative means and reward and punishment measures. No one has done the organization, coordination and transformation of straw utilization, which has resulted in ineffective straw burning prevention. 

Why do we recommend to bale stalk and recycle it?

Harm of burning field

  1. Polluting the air environment and endangering human health. When the straw was burned, the concentration of sulfur dioxide was twice as high as usual, and the concentration of nitrogen dioxide and inhalable particulate matter was three times higher than usual. When the concentration of inhalable particulate matter reaches a certain level, it can irritate people’s eyes, nose and throat.
  2. A fire was triggered, threatening the lives and property of the masses. Especially near villages, farmers lack the safety awareness and burn straw without authorization, which will easily ignite nearby flammable materials. 
  3. Cause traffic accidents and affect road traffic safety. The billowing smoke from burning straws affects sight and directly affects normal operations of civil aviation, railways and highways.
  4. Destroy soil structure and cause farmland quality to decline. Burning straw in farmland will directly kill the beneficial microorganisms in the soil and accelerate the hatching of underground pests. It will also cause soil alkalinity to increase, greatly reducing natural fertility and water retention. Soil moisture loss is severe, and compaction is not tolerant to drought, which directly affects crop yield and quality.

What can straw baler do?

  1. Our straw baler can pick the straw up, crush it in the crushing bin. And then send a certain amount of straw to baler bin to bale the straw into balers with rope. After baling, output the bundle directly. All the steps are automatic.  
  2. The harvesting table at the bottom picks up straw from the ground and then transports it into a bundling box automatically. 
  3. Our straw baler machine can bale the crushed stalk automatically with ropes. It outputs stalk bales and leaves the bundles in the field.
  4. Bundled bales have a suitable density, are not prone to mildew, and can be stored for a long time.
  5. The bale size is about Φ800*1000mm, which is a proper size to both deliver and storage.
  6. You can deliver the bundle to recycling agencies. The crushed straw can be used as industrial raw materials. Such as making paper, pressing fiber wood, producing fertilization, and so on.

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