What Affects Corn Grits Making Machine Price?

When buying a corn grits milling machine, the price factor is definitely taken into consideration. Everyone wants to buy a cost-effective product. But you should also know what factors affect the price of the corn grits making machine.

Corn flour milling and grits making machine
corn flour milling and grits making machine

Configuration of Corn Grinder Machine

The first thing to say is the configuration. The price of a corn grits making machine varies depending on the configuration. As a professional corn machine company, we have 5 types of grits machines, each with a different configuration. the T3 corn grinding machine has a cyclone for dust and ash collecting, but the T1 model doesn’t have such one. Also, it is different at the inlet. The PH and C2 models are similar in appearance to the T3, but without the cyclone. In addition, the PH grits machine has a double elevator and can be equipped with a cleaning machine. So, when you choose a different configuration of the grits machine, the price will change.

Corn grinding machine factory
corn grinding machine factory

Capacity of Corn Flour Milling and Grits Making Machine

Although the maize grits manufacturing process is the same, the output of each model is different. Overall, each maize grinder has a different output and, of course, the price is differenet. When you want a higher-capacity corn grits milling machine, the price will be higher. Conversely, the price will be cheaper. For example, the T1 grits mills produce 350-450kg per hour of corn peeling, 1000kg per hour of corn grits, and 350kg per hour of cornmeal, while the PD2 maize grinder machine has a capacity of 400kg per hour, so the prices will definitely be different.

Destination Country

Because we are doing foreign trade export, freight is essential. Therefore, when the same machine is exported to different countries, the shipping cost will be different. As a manufacturer and supplier of maize grits machines, we are located in Zhengzhou, China with convenient transportation. Both sea and rail transportation are extremely convenient. The proximity of the destination country determines the cost of shipping. Therefore, the price of the machine will be different.

Package & delivery
package & delivery

The factors affecting the price are of course not only the above mentioned, but also the machine material, machine performance, machine quality, etc. The influencing factors are various. If you want to know more about the price of corn grits making machine, please contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible!

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