Pellet mill machine / wood pellet machine / feed pellet machine

Pellet mill machine is a kind of feed or wood pellet making machine. It is driven by belt and worm gear, mills the feed, sawdust, straw, rice husk, bark, bits of wood and other raw materials into high-density pellet. The output pellet is usually used to feed animals or used as burning material. Our feed pellet machines include many different models with different engine powers and capacities, which can meet almost all requirements of customers. What’s more, for most of the pellet machines, there are two engines, electric motor and diesel engine. But we also provide gasoline engine, electrical-control cabinet, and PTO device. The machines have small size but high efficiency. In recent years, pellet mill machine is very popular by many customers from all over the world. We sold many sets to Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

pellet mill machine

Why do we make pellets?

Pellet manufacturing is an industry that has developed rapidly in recent 10 years. These pellets are not only widely used in livestock and poultry feeding, but also in biomass energy combustion. Feed pellets are for livestock breeding animals, it’s convenient for storage and transportation. Wood or straw pellets can be burned to obtain heat, widely used in heating, power generation and other fields. Biomass pellet is the alternative fuel of coal, oil, natural gas and other energy, which can save energy and reduce carbon emissions, is a kind of efficient, clean and renewable energy. 

Models and technical parameters

ModelPower Mould Plate Diameter Capacity Net/Gross  Weight (kg)Dimension (cm)
KL120A7.5Hp gasoline engine120mm30-40kg/h for wood pellet 60-100 kg/h for feed pellet80/10076*43*71
KL120A8Hp diesel engine120mm30-40kg/h for wood pellet 60-100 kg/h for feed pellet120/14087*44*73
KL120B2.2kw-3kw120mm30-40kg/h for wood pellet 60-100 kg/h for feed pellet80/10075*32*61
KL120C2.2kw-3kw120mm30-40kg/h for wood pellet 60-100 kg/h for feed pellet80/10075*35*65
KL120PPTO120mm30-40kg/h for wood pellet 60-100 kg/h for feed pellet70/9076*42*71
KL150A7.5Hp gasoline engine150mm40-50kg/h for wood pellet 90-120 kg/h for feed pellet95/11576*43*71
KL150A8Hp diesel engine150mm40-50kg/h for wood pellet 90-120 kg/h for feed pellet120/14087*46*73
KL150B4kw motor150mm40-50kg/h for wood pellet 90-120 kg/h for feed pellet95/11575*35*65
KL150C4kw150mm40-50kg/h for wood pellet 90-120 kg/h for feed pellet95/11575*35*65
KL150PPTO150mm40-50kg/h for wood pellet 90-120 kg/h for feed pellet90/10076*72*71
KL200A15Hp diesel engine200mm70-110kg/h for wood pellet 200-300 kg/h for feed pellet280/310118*56*95
KL200B 7.5kw200mm70-110kg/h for wood pellet 200-300 kg/h for feed pellet200/230100*43*95
KL200C 7.5kw200mm70-110kg/h for wood pellet 200-300 kg/h for feed pellet200/230100*46*90
KL200PPTO200mm70-110kg/h for wood pellet 200-300 kg/h for feed pellet140/16077*56*102
KL300A55Hp diesel engine300mm220-280kg/h for wood pellet 600-800 kg/h for feed pellet520/560220*60*123
KL300B22KW300mm220-280kg/h for wood pellet 600-800 kg/h for feed pellet410/450127*52*107
KL300C22KW300mm220-280kg/h for wood pellet 600-800 kg/h for feed pellet410/450128*58*105
KL300PPTO300mm220-280kg/h for wood pellet 600-800 kg/h for feed pellet260/29077*56*115

Main models introduction

Electrical one

Electricity driven machine mainly includes two types, one is with electric motor, another is with an electrical-control cabinet. The former is cheap and the latter is expensive. The one with an electrical-control cabinet is more concise and beautiful, and it’s more convenient to control the machine by cabinet.

Gasoline engine one

pellet mill machine
pellet mill machine

Some countries have more abundant sources of petrol, so we also provide some models that can matche with gasoline engine to make the use of customers more convenient.

Diesel engine one

pellet mill machine
pellet mill machine

This type is widely popular in African Countries. It’s designed to meet the demands of customers in remote area where lacks of electricity.

PTO one

pellet mill machine
pellet mill machine

The full name of PTO is power take off. It’s a power output device. We provide this type to meet the demands of customer having small engines or tractors.

Why do you choose our machine?

Advantages of pellet mill machine

  1. Different engine power provided. We provide 4 types of power engines, you can easily find one of them in your market to drive our machine. You can also choose one energy with the cheapest price to save cost.
  2. Small size, middle size and big size are all provided. From 120 model about 100kg/H for home use, to 400 model 1000kg/H for industrial use, we can satisfy all your need.
  3. Little machine but with high efficiency. The biggest model of our machine is only less than 2cbm. But with about 1 ton per hour capacity. The machine doesn’t take much place but you can get much output from it.
  4. Variety raw materials are available to be processed. Bits of wood, straws, even uncrushed corn kernels can all ideal raw material. Inside the machine there are very tough rollers to roll and squeeze the material out, so many raw materials are easily become pellets.
  5. The spindle speed is about 60rpm, and the linear speed of the press roller is about 2.5m/s, which can effectively remove the air in the material and increase the tightness of the product.
  6. Equipment investment is little with low operating costs, low energy consumption, but high output.
  7. Easy operation. The debugging before using is very simple, while operating users only need to observe the feed speed to prevent blockage, the whole operation process is very simple.

Services we can provide

  1. Professional program planning. We have been in this business for no less than 5 years. We can help you to recommend the most suitable model or the production line containing crusher, mixer and so on according to your specific situation, such as the situation of raw materials, the demand for capacity, the requirements for the output pellets, and your budget.
  2. Installation video provided. After you pay we will provide a complete installation video and manual to you, we promise you can use the machine normally.
  3. Online supported. We can send online video call to each other to solve your problem.
  4. Spare parts provide. We can send you the needed new spare parts for free, buyer only needs to bare the transportation fees.

Successful case of feed pellet machine

In June this year, a customer from Togo sent inquiry to us about feed pellet machine. He worked for local agriculture organization, and procured the machine for the local farmers. They needed the machine to feed animals. After 3 weeks negotiation, he purchased 5 sets of 120 and 150, 10 sets of 200, total 20 sets machines. Leter, he received the machine in September, and sent us very good feedback. In October he came to us and would like to order more sets of model 150. So the second time he ordered 30sets of 150 model again from us.


1.What material can be processed by this machine?

Corn, straws, bits of wood, sawdust, bark, etc..

2.What engine power does this machine need?

Electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine, PTO.

3.Is the length and diameter of the final pellet adjustable?

Yes, you can adjust the machine according to your need.

4.What’s the capacity of this machine?

We have many models with different capacities. From 60kg per hour to 1000kg per hour. It depends on how many animals do you have or how much output do you want.

5.How long can I receive the item after paying?

We usually deliver the item within 3-5 days, the delivery time by sea or by air will depend on the shipping port of you.

6.What kind of payment terms do you provide?

Trade Assurance, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C, Pay Pal, Cash, etc..

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