70 sets pellet mill / pellet machine sold to Indonesia


Pellet mill is a pelletizer and granulator, which presses and squeezes the raw material through the die hole into cylindrical or bulk feed pellets. The raw material can be corn, straw, hay, peanut shell, wood sawdust, bamboo shaving, rice wheat bran, etc.. In recent years, pellet machine has developed rapidly in aquaculture, cultivation industries and fuel energy industries. As a pellet machine for animal feed, it can kill salmonella in the feed. Starch gelatinize in the feed, the activity of the enzyme is enhanced, and the feed rate is greatly increased. Because of its good performance, compact structure, high cost effect and ideal efficiency, it has been welcomed by many farmers all over the world. The pellet mill plays an important role in modern agriculture machinery.

70 sets pellet mill successful case

In August, we received inquiry about feed pellet machine from one customer of Indonesia. He worked for local government agriculture development association, and the association planed to purchase some pellet machines. He didn’t make a decision of the quantity they needed to buy. Because firstly, He wanted to test how’s the machine’s efficiency and the feedback of local farmers. So he purchased one set first with electrical control cabinet , and delivered it by air.

In the same month he received the machine. The local farmers used corn kernels and some stalks to feed animals, but they crushed the material first and put the powder into pellet machine. We told them our machine can process corn kernels and stalks directly, the users didn’t need to crush the material into powder. Luckily they had our machine that time, and tried to feed in corn kernels directly. Comfortingly, our machine processed uncrushed material with very good performance, which got the local farmers high satisfaction. It saved their money of buying another crushing machine, also saved a lot human labor. The association got the good feedback from farmers and decided to buy 70 sets of pellet mill from us.

In September, we received the payment from customer. We prepared the machines within 15 days and delivered the item in full container. The customer received the item in November.

After sale

Before receiving the item, the customer started to worry about the vulnerable parts of the machine. He wanted to order some sets of accessories in case of farmers demands. Because he told us that the parts were not urgently needed, it’s agreeable to deliver the parts by sea. In addition to the accessories he bought, we gave him several sets of accessories free of charge as a token of our appreciation. The customer was very surprised about our generous behavior, and promised us he would keep cooperation with us in further future.

Why do customers choose us? Let me show you the reasons. 

  • We can supply the most suitable machine to you. Our company have been in manufacture of pellet machine for more than 5 years. We know deeply what suits customers best. From 60kg/H to 1000kg/H, we can supply many different models according to the scale of your farm. Furthermore, our machine can be matched with not only electric motor, but also gasoline engine, diesel engine, and PTO. You can use our machine easily even when you live in a remote area lacking of electricity. We also supply production line if you need. Our sales clerk will help you make a proper layer to your factory plant.
  • We can offer the most competitive price for you. At present, agricultural machinery market competition is very fierce. We know that consumers are not only concerned about the quality of machines, but also about the price. Maybe our price is not the lowest one, but compared with same quality machines, we promise our price is competitive. We will also recommend more cost-effective products according to your budget, instead of blindly lowering the price and lowering the standard of the machine.  
  • We can provide the best service to you. Our company has a complete service system of before-sale, during-sale and after-sale. Especially after-sale service, we provide spare parts, field installation, commissioning and training, field maintenance and repair service, video technical support and online support. We are committed to provide you the best machine and the best service.
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