New Idea Corn Sheller Sold to Lesotho

This new type of corn thresher has a large wheel design, which is very popular with African customers. Therefore, this machine is mainly for the African market. And according to its market conditions, our new idea corn sheller machines are equipped with diesel engines. In addition to that, our corn thresher is multifunctional, also called a multifunctional crop thresher. Not only corn threshing but also sorghum, soybean, millet. So it is very cost-effective. This year we have reached cooperation with the customer from Lesotho.

corn sheller machine

Order Details

This Lesotho customer contacted us through WhatsApp. He has a large farm for corn planting. So, he wanted to purchase a thresher for corns. After knowing his demands, our sales manager, Grace, recommended the multifunctional thresher machine to him. Because this machine can shell corns, sorghum, millet, and beans. Also, this new idea corn sheller machine design has the big wheels, very satisfying to him. Especially he watched the working video and saw the machine pothos, he immediately discussed the payment and payment method.

So, in the end, he decided to buy the machine with big wheels and the diesel engine.

Advantages of Corn Threshing Machine

  1. High efficiency. This machine has a capacity of 1.5-2t per hour.
  2. Low breakage. Through the screen, the shelled corns come out without damage.
  3. Low impurity. Because of the single or double air cleaner, the impurities are blown away.
corn sheller factory

Why is Taizy Agro Machine as Top Choice?

Multifunction. Due to the multifunctional of this machine, this new idea corn sheller machine is applicable to threshing corns, sorghum, millet, and beans.

Various power devices. The diesel engine, electric motor, and gasoline engine all are available.

Appearance diversity. Wheels, machine color, frame, power, and others are optional based on your needs.

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