Multi-purpose Corn Threshing Machine for Bid Projects in Bengal

Machines that can thresh corn include corn thresher and multi-functional thresher. The multifunctional thresher is more favorable and cost-effective than the corn thresher. From the name, it can be seen that its function is more powerful. In addition, diesel engines, electric motors, and gasoline engines can be used as power. This year, we successfully reached a contact about the multi-purpose corn threshing machine from the Bangladeshi tender.

multifunctional corn thresher

Bid Project Details

According to the information sent by the Bangladeshi customer, Coco filled in the multi-purpose corn threshing machine’s parameters, performance, power system, power parameters, belt type, wheel diameter, etc. one by one. Coco filled in the detailed parameters of the machine and its components as required. Of course, there are various certificates, ISO, CE, etc., as well as power of attorney.

And, while the project was underway, Coco kept on and asking about the progress of the project. In the end, the Bangladeshi customer won the bid, and we also reached cooperation.

Why are We Able to Become the Preferred Supplier for Bidding Projects?

  1. Rich experience. Since its establishment, our company has cooperated with the government and bidding projects many times. We are very aware of this process and have provided large quantities of agricultural machinery for bidding projects many times.
  2. Complete certificate. Our agricultural machinery has ISO and CE certificates. These certificates are essential in bidding projects,
  3. Customized machines. Because sometimes the machines required by some bidding projects have special requirements, we will also customize the machines for the bidding projects. Like this time, the multi-purpose corn threshing machine should have a unique painting method.
Design of multi-purpose corn threshing machine
design of multi-purpose corn threshing machine

Bidding Process

Our company has rich experience in bidding since its establishment and has won many bids. As the supplier of the winning bidder, we always keep an eye on the progress of the bidding project.

Generally speaking, when contacting the bidding customers, it is necessary to fill in all the information about the machine and its components in detail according to the bidding information, as well as the relevant certificates of the machine.

Pay attention to the delivery date of the machine, etc. In addition to this, pays close attention to the deadline of the project, the date of bid opening, and the date of notification of winning the bid. Like this multi-purpose corn threshing machine, Coco is always keeping one eye on it.

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