Maintenance of corn harvesters

Corn harvester may appear some questions when using. This article lists the questions that may occur, and the solutions to each problem. In addition to the necessary structural adjustments and inspections, when the corn harvester is in actual operation, the driver must operate in accordance with the prescribed methods. This will achieve a suitable stubble height and uniform travel speed. It’s not appropriate to let he corn harvester work longer to reach higher working efficiency.

During the operation, the driver should pay close attention to the situation of the various parts of the machine. Also, adjust the operating speed appropriately according to the planting density and mechanical load. If the picking roller or the peeling roller is blocked, it must be cleaned under the state of shutting off the power. To avoid production safety accidents. For abnormal phenomena such as abnormal sounds or jitters, stop the machine immediately to find out the reason. Do not force the operation to avoid serious mechanical damage or failure.

Common faults and troubleshooting

The picking or peeling roller frequently block.

It may be because of too much feeding amount. After stopping the plant to remove the blocked straw, the travel speed should be appropriately reduced to control the reasonable feeding amount. If the clogging problem still occurs, you should check whether there are problems such as too small gaps in the picking rollers, too small gaps in the peeling rollers, and failure of the sowing chain.

The header lifting function breaks down.

Corn harvester cutting head

Most of the reasons are caused by abnormal hydraulic system, which may cause the failure of the header lift: insufficient hydraulic oil quantity; insufficient hydraulic oil supply pressure; the main spool in the relief valve is stuck in the drain state and the hydraulic system leaks. At this time, you should check whether the amount of hydraulic oil is sufficient and whether there is a leakage problem of the hydraulic oil seal, tubing joint or other parts. After repairing the leaked position, add the hydraulic oil to the standard position. Secondly, check the status of the relief valve, and clean it and debris to avoid the main valve core stuck problem.

The direction control is abnormal.

The self-rotation of the steering wheel may be because of the shrapnel breaking and the deformation of the dial pin. At this time, you should replace the shrapnel and the dial pin in time to restore the steering wheel to its function. If the idle stroke of the steering wheel is too large, it may because the internal teeth of rotor’s wear. Also may because of loose or broken shrapnel, breakage of the drive shaft, or wear of the upper drive shaft flange. Causes agricultural machinery safety accidents.

The quality of straw crushing is unqualified.

When the problem of the unqualified crushing straw quality of the returning device occurs, it should be carefully checked whether the speed of the machine is too slow due to the looseness and slippage of the transmission belt, which causes the poor crushing quality or inefficient straw. In addition, you should also check whether the hammer claw or the blade is severely worn. If is, you should replace it in time.


In short, the corn harvester must be in good mechanical condition. Also, the standardized driving habits can ensure high-quality harvesting functions. The driver must master the basic principles and use methods of the harvester, and accurately judge and solve the problem in a timely manner. To ensure the smooth operation of corn harvesting operations.

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