How many corn sheller machines do we have?

Corn sheller machine is a corn processing machine to thresh the kernels from corn cob. After this machine’s processing the corn will become kernels and cob, also some corn sheller machines have the function to remove the husk. We provide 5 kinds of corn sheller machine for customers to choose. One of them is a professional machine for shelling sweet corns and fresh corns. The other 4 types are different models with different capacities. This article will help you learn our corn sheller machines and distinct them more clearly.

Type A: multifunctional thresher machine

The specialty of this model is its mufti-function. It can do both husk peeling and corn threshing. What’s more, it can not only thresh corn, but also thresh soybean, sorghum, and millet. The crops with similar size and shape of these grains are also available to process. The machine processes different crops by changing sieves with different holes. Electric motor, gasoline engine and diesel engine are all available to this machine. By the way, its capacity for corn is about 2-4ton per hour.

The most outstanding advantage

Not only corn, variety raw materials can be threshed.

Type B: corn thresher machine

This model is SL-AB model, which is a professional machine to process corn. It can do both husk peeling and corn threshing. The output products of this machine is husk, corn kernel, and corn cob. Each product from machine is ensured to be intact, which can be used efficiently to other processing industry. Similar to multifunctional thresher machine, electric motor, gasoline engine and diesel engine are all available to this machine. The capacity is about 1-1.5ton per hour.

The most outstanding advantage 

Professional for corn.

Type C: 4-6t/H corn sheller machine

Corn sheller 9
4-6T/H Corn Sheller Machine

This model has bigger capacity and very reasonable price. It can process about 4-6 ton corns per hour. It doesn’t have husk peeling function. It’s worth noting that, there are 4 types able to choose according to your demands. They distinguishes from each other by inlet elevator and outlet conveyor. The elevator and conveyor improve the automation of the machine, which will save human labor to a great extent. Both electric motor and diesel engine are available for this machine.

The most outstanding advantage 

Matched with elevator and conveyor to save human labor.

Type D: 20-30t/H corn sheller machine

This is the biggest model of corn sheller we have. It can process about 20-30 ton corns per hour. In order to produce such a large capacity, it is best to use a forklift or excavator to feed in corn. Although the machine is big, it is not rough at all. Its threshing rate can reach about 98.5%, the impurity rate is less than 2%. It’s very popular with farmers with large corn planting filed. Both electric motor and diesel engine are available for this machine. Thanks to the output elevator, the kernels after processing can be gushed into tractor or collector directly, which saves human labor and time.

The most outstanding advantage 

Huge capacity with impressive threshing rate.

Type E: sweet corn sheller machine

     This machine is specially designed for sweet corn, fresh corn, baby corn, freezing corn and waxy corn, these corns are mainly for human eating. The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The one with conveyor can transfer the corns one by one automatically. According to your demand, the threshing depth is adjustable. The capacity of this machine is about 500kg/H, electric motor can drive this machine. It’s small but with good efficiency, which is suitable for both home use and industrial product line.

The most outstanding advantage

Process sweet corn, fresh corn, waxy corn, baby corn and freezing corn.

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