History of corn sheller

History of corn sheller

In primitive time, the autumn harvest time is the most busy period of a year. People used to thresh the corn manually, which took too much time and human energy. What’s worse, people peel corn kernels with bare hands, and their hands are ground into blood blisters. That part of history is really impressive.

Later hand corn sheller appeared on the market, although it saved a lot of manpower, but still could not get rid of the trouble of manpower operation. Fortunately, the electric motor driven corn sheller machine’s appearance changed the situation completely. Electric corn sheller lets the farmer get rid of the heavy manual labor completely, it’s very convenient to use it by plugging in. A voltage of 220v can cover the work of more than a dozen people in a day. Thus, people can finish the shelling job within a day.

After few years of development, the corn sheller has become more and more practical for farmer use. People also match diesel engine, gasoline engine and even tractors with sheller machine. Because some of remote areas don’t supply stable electricity. Other fuel engines solve this problem efficiently.

Working principle of corn sheller machine

Corn thresher, the main working parts for the rotor installed in the machine, through the rotor high-speed rotation and drum impact threshing. When working, firstly, people put corn into the feed inlet. Then the corn is impacted in the rotor rotating at high speed with the roller. Thirdly, the sieve hole separates the corn kernel and cob. Finally, the corn cob comes out from the tail of the machine. At the same time, the corn silk and the skin go out from the tuyere. The feeding inlet is set on the upper cover of the machine. The corn cob enters the threshing room through the feeding inlet.

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