Hammer mill machine price in Nigeria

Hammer mill machine is a crusher machine. As an agriculture machine, hammer mill machine can crush many types of crops and grains, such as soybean, potato, cassava, corn, bother corn kernel and corn cobs can be processed. The hammer mill machine crushes the raw material by its hammers inside of the crushing bin. Then the raw material goes through the sieve, and finally comes out from outlet. Usually there are different quantities of hammers between different models, the bigger capacity one will have more hammers. For agriculture use, we provide several models with capacities from 300-600kg/H for customers to choose.

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Hammer mill machine price

Hammer mill machine’s price is mainly distinguished by capacity, engine power and material. The one with bigger capacity has high price. We provide three kinds of engine power to hammer mill machine: electric motor, diesel engine and gasoline engine. Among them, electric motor is the cheapest one. But in some underdeveloped countries, there is not enough electricity providing. So farmers prefers to choose gasoline engine and diesel engine. Although diesel engine is expensive, diesel fuel is cheap in most of countries. So in remote area, diesel engine is a best choice for customer.

About hammer mill machine’s material, there are carbon steel one and stainless steel one. Considering that most farmers using this machine are mainly for their agricultural functions, so few people will spend a lot of money to customize a stainless steel machine. Carbon steel has compact structure and light weight, which is durable and has long life service.

Hammer mill machine in Nigeria

At present, agriculture accounts for about 40% of Nigeria’s gross national product. Among them, rain-fed agriculture accounts for 84% of the total agricultural output value, and animal husbandry, forestry, and fisheries account for 10%, 2%, and 4%, respectively. In the 1960s and 1970s, Nigeria exported many agricultural products, but now it needs to import in large quantities. Imported agricultural products are mainly wheat, rice, vegetable oil, animal products, fish, sugar, especially wheat and rice. The main agricultural products exported are cocoa, rubber, leather and fur. The production level of rice and corn in Nigeria is low. The rice yield is only about 100 kilograms per mu, and the corn yield is only more than 90 kilograms. It costs 2 billion U.S. dollars annually to import rice-based food. Therefore, the development of rice, corn and other crops in Nigeria has broad market prospects and good economic benefits.

Thus, hammer mill machine is a very needed and useful machine in Nigeria. Since our company was established in 2011, we have maintained close ties with Nigeria for many years. We are very concerned about the Nigerian market and also understand the needs of the Nigerian agricultural machinery market. Our boss goes to Nigeria at least twice a year, sometimes Lagos, sometimes Abuja. He stays in Nigeria for about a month each year, during which he meets our new and old customers to understand local people’s needs. According to statistics of the past six months, we have exported no less than 100 hammer mill machines to Nigeria. It can be seen that the Nigerian agricultural market still needs such hammer mill very much.

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