Fresh Corn Thresher Sold to the USA

The fresh corn thresher machine has the functions of to separate the sweet corn particle and stem. The machine runs by special motor, for long time usage. The sweet corn thresher also savs labor because of the high efficiency. Thus, it’s suitable for the food factory of whole plant equipment. In June this year, we exported one set of the fresh corn thresher to the USA.

Why USA Customer Boghut Fresh Corn Thresher Machine?

This USA customer imports frequently, and he plans to import this fresh corn stripper in June. What’s more, he wanted to plan everything ready, so that when the time comes, he could buy imeedidately. As a professional corn manuafacturer and supplier, we, of course, are able to meet customers’ various requirements.

And, he wanted a saving-labor machine, our sales manager recommended the corn stripper with the conveyor. Also, she sent the machine pictures, videos, parameters, and other releveant information. The USA customer received and checked, he felt satisfied. And then he told he would liek to but his type in June. Finally, at the first day of June, he contacted us to buy this machine.

Fresh corn thresher invoice
fresh corn thresher invoice

What are the Advantages of Fresh Corn Threshing Machine?

  1. Made of full stainless steel, easy to move with casters.
  2. Simple operation, suitable for all kinds of fresh, sweet, glutinous corn, and frozen corn after thawing.
  3. Strong adaptability, suitable for both factories with assembly-line mass production, but also adapt to the family workshop processing.
  4. High utilization rate, adjust automatically according to the size of the corn cob, suitable for various sizes of corn threshing, and threshing depth is adjustable.
  5. Convenient feeding, high stripping rate, reasonable mechanical design, and long tool life.

Technical Parameters of Fresh Corn Thresher

ModelSL-268SL-368 (with conveyor)
Picture Fresh corn sheller without conveyor Sweet corn sheller with conveyor
Weight100KG110 KG
Voltage220V,1 phase220V,1 phase

From the above table, it’s clear that sweet corn thresher machine has two models available. Each one has its charicteristics and strength. So, if you’re interested in this sweet corn thresher machine, tell us your requirements. Our professional sales manager will offer the most suitable plan to facitate your business.

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