Send 7 sets of corn shelling machines to Congo DR

Recently, we were contacted by a dealer who expressed a desire to purchase 7 sets of corn shelling machines to meet the growing needs of local farmers. The dealer, who serves several large agricultural cooperatives in central Congo DR, needed efficient and durable equipment to improve the efficiency of corn harvesting.

Corn shelling machines
corn shelling machines

Our solution

After understanding the customer’s needs, we recommended our high-efficiency 6t/h corn thresher. This machine is highly efficient, energy-saving and durable, and is ideally suited to the DRC’s agricultural environment.

Each corn shelling machine can handle a large amount of corn per hour, which can significantly improve farmers’ work efficiency. We also provide detailed operating instructions and training videos to ensure that dealers and farmers can get started quickly.

The final order for Congo DR

After listening to our advice, our customer adopted our solution, and he placed the order.

Corn thresherCorn Thresher
Power:15HP diesel engine
Capacity: 6t/h
Threshing rate: ≥99.5%
Loss rate: ≤2.0%
Breakage rate: ≤1.5%
Impurity rate: ≤1.0%
Weight: 350kg
Size: 3860*1360*2480 mm
7 sets
corn threshing machine parameters

Transportation and delivery of corn shelling machine to Congo DR

Since it was 7 units of equipment, we ordered a container directly from the port and we sent the goods directly to the port for container shipment. During the transportation, we will track the delivery information of the goods and communicate with you in time to ensure the goods arrive on time.

Interested? Contact us for more details!

If your answer is yes, get in touch with us for more information about maize threshing! We’ll provide the best solution according to your demands.

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