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Round baler machine picks the cut straw and bales straw with ropes into bundles. It’s a useful machine for wheat, corn, sorghum, paddy straw packing, harvesting and baling. Not only as animal feed, the baled bundles can also be sold to the thermal power plant as raw material for thermal power generation. Farmers can also use the cut straw as a natural fertilizer in unproductive fields. Compared with the burning of straw, the recycling of straw can not only protect the environment, but also realize the recycling of resources into treasure. Straw picking and baling machine is an important part of modern agricultural machinery. In recent year, this machine is popular in Southeast Asia, South America, Pakistan, Libya, Panama, etc.. By providing good quality machine and warm professional service, we received many good feedback from customers.

Why do We Need to Bale the Straw into Bundles?

The harm of straw burning

Straw burning
straw burning

About 10 years ago in China, during the harvest season of corn, wheat, sorghum and other crops, you could see smoke billowing over the farmland as you passed by. After burning the straw produced a large number of toxic gases, seriously damaged the air environment. Straw burning also easy to cause fire, and cause huge economic losses to the nearby residents. What’s worse, burning straw can also seriously damage the soil structure, resulting in a decline in farmland quality, or even the soil can no longer grow crops. The Chinese government quickly recognized the seriousness of this problem and began calling on farmers to stop burning straw and collect it in bundles for recycling use.  

Benefits of Straw Recycling

  1. The recycling of crushed straw can directly return to the field and increase soil fertility.
  2. The crushed straw can be used as the base material of edible fungus after scientific proportion with other ingredients.
  3. Biogas is produced to realize a virtuous cycle of ecological agriculture.
  4. The crushed straw can be used as paper making material to recycle resources.
  5. Compared to coal, straw is a kind of clean renewable energy. The calorific value of every 2 tons of straw is equivalent to 1 ton of standard coal.

What Can Staw Baler Machine Do?

Working principles of round hay baler machine

  1. It’s driven by tractor with power more than 40HP.
  2. A harvesting table at the bottom of the machine picks up the stalks from the ground and automatically transports them to the bundling bin.
  3. When a certain amount of straw enters and fills the bundling bin, the rope of the bundling bin begins to wind the straw automatically.
  4. When the baling process is finished, the bale will be unloaded automatically from the bale bin and rolled to the ground.

Advantages of round baler machine for sale

  1. From process of picking, baling and unloading, all the steps are automatically finished by machine, which saves the human labor to a great extent.
  2. The fitted horse power of tractor is easy to find.
  3. The interior of the machine is professionally designed to prevent straw clogging.
  4. It has good adaptability to raw materials to be processed. Wheat, paddy rice, corn, sorghum, almost all plants straw are available to process.
  5. The formed straw bundles are dense, the inside of bundles is loose when outside is tight, with good air permeability, and is easy to transport and storage.
  6. The straw bundles are compact, and not easily ignited by open flame, thus reducing the probability of fire in farmland.

Technical Parameter of Mini Round Hay Baler Machine

Power of tractorMore than 40hp
Overall Dimension1.63*1.37*1.43m
Baler SizeΦ800*1000mm
Baler weight40-50kg

Successful Case

In May this year, a customer from Libya sent an inquiry to us about the round baler machine. He wanted to harvest the crushed corn stalk. One month later he ordered 3 sets of 4×4 round baler for sale from us. In August he received the item but met some problems on matching the machine with his tractor. After receiving the customer’s request, our sales clerk took action in that afternoon. He took a video of how to link the tractor and machine immediately. Then he sent the video to this customer. The customer was so glad to receive the solution in such a short time, and install the machine completely. In September, he suggested his friend buy another 2 sets of baler machines from us. They are very satisfied with our machine and service.


1. What’s the engine power of this round baler machine?

More than 40HP tractor.

2. What’s the size of the bundle?


3. How much does each bale weighs?

It depends on the humidity of the raw material. Usually 40-50kg.

4. How to link the machine to my tractor?

We will provide a complete and detailed video of installation to promise you can use the machine after buying it.

5. How long will it take to receive the machine after I pay?

We usually deliver the item within 3-5 days, the delivery time by sea or by air will depend on the shipping port of you.

6. How long is the warranty time?

1 year warranty time, life-long maintenance.

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