60 sets disk mill machine sold to Malaysia

Disk mill machine, as a practical grain grinder, is a machine which can grinds corn, wheat, rice and many other grains. The disk mill machine grinds the raw material into fine powder and flour. It can process corn kernel, wheat, rice, sorghum, soybean, pepper, chili, etc., and even some medicine. Usually people use a disk mill machine to grind grains into flour to feed animals. And some chemical plants use it to crush other substances. It can be said that this is a very widely used machine, not only for farmers’ homes, but also can be used as a production line with other large machines.

Since the establishment of our company, disk mill machine has been a machine that farmers at home and abroad very much need. For the past 8 years we have sold disk mill machine to Malaysia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, South Africa, New Zealand, Israel, and so on. Because of the high quality and good use of our machine, it has been praised by many overseas customers.

60 sets disk mill machine sold to Malaysia

In October of 2019, a customer from Malaysia sent inquiry to us about grain grinder machine. He was a distributor of agriculture machine in local place, and was very familiar to China. He had been in China for many times and needed a good supplier about grain grinder machine.

After receiving his inquiry, we recommended the disk mill machine and hammer mill machine to him. Because disk mill machine can crush the grains into finer flour than hammer mill machine, so he decided to purchase disk mill machine. We quoted a competitive price and promised to finish producing 60 sets in one week. At that time he was also negotiating with other 4 suppliers from China. We gave him all the most sincere terms and prices, all that remained was to wait.

Disk mill machine 1

During the waiting period, the customer always asked us some questions, and our salesman would tell him all the information he needed in a timely manner every time. Three weeks later, he made decision. He would like to purchase 60 sets disk mill machine from us finally.

What can we provide to you?

  1. Prompt reply to each single question. Nowadays, with the development of the information age, a variety of real-time chat software has emerged endlessly. We know that the competition between suppliers is not only about price and quality, but also the efficiency of service. We will provide you with the most effective information in the shortest time, save each other’s time, and quickly locate the most suitable machine for you.
  2. Private advisory services. Production and sales analysis, profit analysis, machine maintenance and repair, these are all we will provide you. We will recommend the most suitable machine to you according to your budget and specific situation.
  3. Perfect after-sales service system. If you have any dissatisfaction or do not understand the process of using the machine, you can contact our service staff at any time. Whether it’s machine maintenance or spare parts needs, just tell us and we will help you solve it in time. 
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