2 containers of corn seed planter for 1500 hectare corn plant filed

Corn seed planter
Corn Seed Planter

Corn seed planter machine sows corn seeds or soybeans into the soil, and driven by tractors. Our corn seeder machine has both planting and fertilization functions. According to different cultivated area, we designed and produced 6 kinds of corn seeder machine, with different planting rows of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 rows. The machine contains 2 feed bin, one loads seeds, another loads fertilizer. And it can realize seeding and fertilization at the same time with no damage to the seeds. In addition, the more seeding rows, the more horse power is needed. 3-point suspension is available to most of the tractor, so it’s easy for users to install the machine by themselves. Because of stable efficiency and rugged material, the machine is widely welcomed by customers from Africa, Southeast Asia and South America.  

Corn planter successful case

In July this year, a customer from Madagascar sent inquiry to us about corn seed planter machine. After negotiating with him for a week, we knew that he had about 1500 hectare field to plant corn. Due to the area of corn planting is big, we recommended 8 rows of corn seeder directly.

At the beginning, this customer was a little worried about the material quality of our machines. He thought the tires of machine were not stout enough. In order to proof our machine’s quality was good enough, our salesclerk made a video call with this customer and showed the details of our machine in factory. The salesclerk pressed his foot hard on the tires of the machine, obviously the tires were tough and well-knit. After this video call, the customer was so approving and placed the order of 2 full containers of 8 rows corn planter machine.

Corn sheller successful case

Corn peeler and sheller
Corn Peeler And Sheller

During negotiation about corn seeder machine, we considered that this customer had big demands of corn processing machines. So we showed the big capacity of corn sheller machine to him and suggested him to purchase it together with corn seeders. 20-30ton/H corn sheller machine is the biggest model of our corn thresher machines, which can meet the customers demands perfectly. In the same week, this customer ordered 3 full containers of corn processing machines. Two of them contained seeders, one of them contained sheller.


The item arrived at Madagascar last month. After receiving the item, the customer started to arrange his workers to install the seeder machine onto his tractor. This customer didn’t know English very well. So before he installed the machines we had sent him a detailed manual book in French in electronic version. Because of our lack of understanding of French grammar, the manual translated by the software were difficult to understand. However, this customer was a really wonderful person. He kindly revised and perfected the grammar of the instruction by himself, and printed it out on paper. Thanks to his patience and deliberation, the manual book had become an easily reading document. Besides, we also provided a detailed installation video to him. Now, the customer has completely finished the installation job.

Corn seed planter

Why do you choose us? Let me show you the reasons.

  1. About planter machines, we have engaged in this area for more than 7 years. There is a saying in China that it is the first step that costs troublesome. Planting is the first step of a crop planting. We know very well how important the sowing process is for later corn growth, corn harvest and so on. The design of the machine’s structure is not only based on theoretical idea, but also many years practice test. It is very reasonable and practical for farmers using.
  2. We never recommend the most expensive one, we only recommend what suits you best. Before selling any machines to you, we will learn as much as we can about you, including planting area, planting method, budget and import and export experience. We will always show you a best program according to you situation.  
  3. We provide a complete set of after-sale service. Not only the problem of machine use, but also the problem of import pick-up, we will do our best to help you to get the goods. Our after-sales service includes spare parts, field installation, commissioning and training, field maintenance and repair service, video technical support and online support. We guarantee that you will still be our god after you buy our machines.
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